Feb 2015

Blue and Ary shine in the Luanda Carnival

Luanda’s seaside Marginal became a colorful parade watched live by thousands of revelers.

The country’s capital recorded a festive atmosphere that broke the boundaries for age, race and social status, animated by 14 groups, with typical dances from each region, exceeding all expectations in the fight for the title.

The big surprise of the day was without a doubt the Electric BLUE Trio and the Diva Ary which was accompanied by a cast of dancers and the carnival group Youth Block. It was an unusual show, a great innovation for this great party. Blue was the first brand to parade in the Luanda carnival with a float.

The audience ran from one side to the other with great enthusiasm when the BLUE Trio, filled with lights, entered the main track where the carnival groups paraded. Thousands of people danced and sang to the rhythm of music Diva Ary.

We recall that the first records of Carnival in Angola were in 1857 on the popular Kimbundus festival, but it was in 1978 that it became a tradition becoming an annual event. The Carnival in Angola has its high point in the parades of allegorical cars and dance groups in the “New Luanda Marginal”, a party where dancing and music are the main features and tradition blends with contemporary influences.