Jun 2015

Give POWER to your mornings with the new SPEED™ REBOOT range

SPEED presents the new SPEED™ REBOOT range, a range that reinforces the fact that you can drink SPEED ™ throughout the day, starting early morning.

Listening to consumers identified the opportunity of an energy drink that you can drink during “difficult mornings”, either because you slept badly, drank too much the night before, got up very early, or feel tired from traffic or the morning rush.

Thus the first major release of the range was born: the SPEED™ POWER LEMON, an energy drink that contains the same energy characteristics from the original SPEED ™, but that is especially designed to help overcome the “toughest mornings,” restarting the day with maximum energy.

SPEED™ POWER LEMON has a sugar content that is very suitable to consumer tastes regarding energy drinks and a great lemon flavour. In addition to all the energy of an energy drink, its formula also has ingredients indicated to regulate your metabolism, activate the muscular system and recover from fatigue such as zinc, magnesium and sodium.

The arrival of this new product is marked by a strong media campaign that includes a film that débuts this week in the main TV channels.