Sep 2015

Lunda Sul wins the 3rd Edition of the Super Cuia Palanquinhas Cup

Last Saturday the Grand Final of the 3rd edition of the Super Cuia Palanquinhas Cup was held at Coqueiros Stadium. After a group stage that was highly contested between the 10 teams representing the 10 competing provinces, the finals opposed the Progresso da Lunda-Sul formation to the Bravos do Maquis, the first being the winner by 2-0, while Brilhantes do Simulambuco de Cabinda defeated FC Juca de Luanda by 1- 0, opposing the two winning teams in the final tournament.

The final was brilliantly disputed by the Lunda Sul team, allowing them to raise the champion’s trophy, having beaten the Cabinda team by a significant 4-0. In this way the Lunda Sul team dethroned the Bravos do Maquis do Moxico team, the winner of the first two editions.

The winning team will benefit from a week internship at Benfica’s Training and Practice Center in Lisbon, a club who stood as partner in this project and was represented by its former athlete and now club ambassador Pedro Mantorras.

The Palanquinhas Super Cuia Cup is the largest children’s football competition, for young people aged 8 to 12 years, it was held for the third time in Angola, and results from a partnership between the Angolan Football Federation and Refriango. The tournament traveled through ten provinces of Angola, involving more than three thousand children and 352 teams.