Apr 2015

Mercator for the Portuguese Language book presentation at the Gregorio Semedo University

The Faculty of Business and Economics presented yesterday, in cooperation with Refriango, the “MERCATOR for the Portuguese Language” book at the  Gregorio Semedo University. Mercator’s first edition was launched in Portugal in 1992.

This new edition includes prefaces from managers and teachers as well as success stories from Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Portugal, and examples of these countries as well as from Brazil, Guinea, Sao Tome and Timor.

The presentation was made by the author, Professor Pedro Dionysus. More than 300 students from various courses were present at the UGS Campus’ Amphitheatre. The most notable company during the presentation was Refriango. They talked about the evolution, strategy and positioning of BLUE, a brand that, for 10 year has been a part of everyday life of the young people present as well as other young people around the country.

After the presentation of the Mercator for the Portuguese Language book, students had the opportunity to taste the new BLUE Lemon Ginger. The feedback collected during the tasting was very positive!