Apr 2015

Mercator for the Portuguese Language book Presentation

On April 10th occurred the presentation of the Mercator for Portuguese Language book at HCTA in Talatona.

The presentation ceremony opening was made by the Minister of Economy Abraham Gourgel, followed by a presentation by the Director of Expansão newspaper, Carlos Rosado de Carvalho. The book authors talked about marketing in general, marketing in Angola and also the opportunities brought by digital communication.

The remaining presentations were given by the Angolan companies mentioned in this year’s edition of Mercator. Blue’s presentation was one of the most praised. Viewers were able to see deeper into their soft drink brand of choice, its strategy and its positioning in the market.

At the end of the presentation, all participants had the opportunity to try the new Blue Lemon Ginger. The feedback of the product was, once again, very positive.