Jun 2015

Refriango is awarded for the 6th time at the Monde Selection Quality Contest

For the sixth consecutive year, Refriango is awarded at the prestigious international Monde Selection quality contest, thus acknowledging the quality and innovation of Angolan products across borders. These awards show once again the credibility of Refriango’s products and why the Refriango brands are part of Angolan preferences. 2015 was the best year ever for Refriango, with a total of 14 distinctions.

This year the Monde Selection International Quality Contest awarded Refriango 3 Grand Gold medals won by Nutry Manga, Pura and Tutti World Flavours Caribbean, and 9 Gold Medals won by Blue Passion Fruit, Welwitschia tonic water, Blue Pulp Pineapple, Blue Pulp Orange, Speed, Nutry Flavours of Angola, Tutti World Flavours Brazil, Tutti World Flavours Dubai and Red Cola.

But the big winners this year are Blue Pineapple Pulp and Blue Orange Pulp, that reached this year’s ‘High Quality Trophy’, a title only given to brands that were awarded the gold medals or Grand Gold over 3 consecutive years.

Refriango once again places Angola in the mouths of the world. The Monde Selection trophies attach a unique prestige and credibility to Refriango by internationally recognizing the quality and innovation of our products in a contest that analysed more than 3,000 products from 81 different countries.