Aug 2014

'Refriango Gives Life to School' ends in Cabinda

This year, Cabinda hosted the final stop of Refriango’s Social Responsibility Project, ‘Refriango gives life to School’.

Over a thousand students of the first and second cycles of Lombolombo school, benefited from Refriango kits consisting of a backpack, pencils, pens, pencil sharpener, rubber and notebooks. The satisfaction and excitement of the little ones was visible upon receiving the first kits from the hands of the education delegate, Dr. Berta Helena Buca Vando.

‘Refriango Gives Life to School’ is a source of pride and satisfaction for the Group. In three months, we managed to distribute school supplies for more than 5,000 children in five provinces of Angola.

Were also distributed educational posters on the human body, Angola map, tables, alphabets and world maps to various schools, to help teach the little ones.

This project has been extremely rewarding, as it was clear to see the satisfaction of the young students, using the materials offered soon in the days following the offering, which we hope will translate into better school results.

The project ‘Refriango Gives Life to School’ ended for this year, and next year we will help other schools and other children. In three years, we hope to go through all the provinces of Angola.

A big thank you to all Refriango employees involved in this project!