Oct 2015

Speed Social Surf Weekend

On October 16th, 17th and 18th, another edition of the Speed Social Surf Weekend took place at Praia dos Surfistas – Cabo Ledo.
Party, adrenaline, sports, socializing, heat and the ocean were the ingredients that turned this weekend into the most radical and exciting in the country. Speed gave adrenaline from start to finish of the event!

There were several activities available to people who joined the event. From yoga classes to surf workshops, the volleyball field or simply enjoying the beach, not forgetting the outdoors cinema where surfing documentaries were shown, the offer was plenty and very attractive for lovers of the available modalities who attended.

Saturday night was one of the highlights of the event. The animation from DJ Selecta Zilla, Nocasco, Miguel Lopes, Santa Paz and Claudio do Pânico (winner of the BLUE DJ BATTLE contest) made the nearly two thousand people present dance until dawn.

In the morning and after a night of partying, all the tents had cans of Speed Reboot PowerLemon to “help” start the day.
Also by the entrance of Surfers beach, a Speed team promoted one more tasting event forthe new flavour, along with SpeedTruck where professional riders performed theirmanoeuvr es for traffic.

Speed. Unlimited Energy.