Jan 2015

Speed sponsors Rali Dakar 2015 Team

The energetic Speed is present at this year’s Dakar Rally to support the pilot Ricardo Leal dos Santos and his BAMP team at the mythical Dakar Rally 2015 Argentina-Chile, which runs from January 4 to January 17, 2015.

The Speed sponsorship of the Dakar Rally 2015 is part of the brand’s communication strategy, which focuses on the largest motor sports event in the world. The Portuguese-speaking BAMP project is meant to develop a highly competitive car through the collaboration of companies and universities in Brazil, Angola, Mozambique and Portugal (summarized in BAMP acronym).

The competition began on 4 January and the BAMP team, sponsored by Speed, qualified in 26th place in the Car category, a total of 143 participants.

Information, photos and video: bamp-dakar.com or ricardolealdossantos.pt