Jan 2015

Tutti Flavors of the World - Delicious flavors from dreamy places!

The latest Tutti innovation has arrived! All the flavor inspired by dream destinations, in a delicious collection of 3 different juices. Join Tutti and embark on this journey to discover the best that have these three locations have to offer.

  • Dubai, the mystery and eccentricity of the Arabian Peninsula in a pomegranate mixture, berried and dates
  • Brazil, a cheerful, warm and fun flavor inspired by the land of samba and Carnival, based on acai, coconut water and tangerine
  • Caribbean, a refreshing flavor that takes us to beautiful beaches and dream islands, a perfect mix of pineapple, mango and mint

To mark this major release, Tutti will be on air with 3 different movies, keeping the humorous line that has characterized the campaigns of the brand.

What journey will you drink today?