Innovation is one of Refriango‘s strategic pillars, which has allowed the international distinction of its products. These are the practices that keep us constantly on top of innovation and of our market segments:

Typically African fruit

A special highlight for Refriango products whose main ingredients are local fruit. Products like Tutti múcua, the Tutti Sape Sape or Blue Tamarindo, are considered global innovations.

Various flavor ranges

Refriango is the beverage company that has in its brands the most extensive product ranges as well as the widest variety of flavors.

High pace releases

Innovative Products and ranges, such as Blue Pulp, the first soda with real small pieces of fruit ever produced in Angola. Products like Pura Sport, the first isotonic water in Angola or Super Cuia Chocolate-Strawberry, a unique combinations of flavors that places Refriango at the innovation forefront.


Refriango’s investment in truly innovative and disruptive communication campaigns. Television films, radio campaigns or billboards with impactful and relevant content. TV films are increasingly resorting to cutting-edge technologies, never before used in Angola.

Market research

All of Refriango’s new projects are born from listening to consumer needs and expectations. A process carried out by a qualified team, which studies the market to assess their receptivity to new brands, products or campaigns.