Quality is one of the main bases of Refriango’s success. It is a strategic decision of great importance, aimed at the satisfaction of consumers, customers, employees, suppliers and surrounding society.

The quality is present in everything we do in our day-to-day, because our main objective is to provide products designed for our consumers, according to their tastes and their nutritional needs, always based on food safety.

Refriango’s bet on the quality of its products has been consistently recognized internationally by high prestigious awards, where Refriango has the opportunity to compete with important companies worldwide.


ISO 22000 Certification

Refriango is proud to be the first Angolan consumer goods company to achieve ISO22000 Certification - standard in the area of Food Safety Management Systems, an independent entity.
The ISO22000 certification is the only universal standard that defines the requirements for effective food safety management systems.
This certification demonstrates Refriango’s commitment towards its consumers, ensuring their satisfaction and confidence as well as the transparency of the entire production process.

Laboratory Accreditation

Refriango’s Laboratory is the only one in Angola to obtain accreditation for Physical-chemical and microbiological Trials within the ISO / IEC 17025.
This means more than 50,000 monthly analysis attesting to product quality, developed in accordance with international standards and in accordance with the standards of European legislation, and Refriango’s commitment towards their consumers.

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Quality Awards

The quality of Refriango products has been, over the past few years, known and distinguished internationally.

Monde Selection

The Monde Selection - International Institute for Quality Selections is an international organization created in 1960 and based in Belgium, which assesses the quality of consumer products, through a professional and independent jury.
For Five years now Refriango has been the only Angolan company to be awarded the Monde Selection Award. Year after year, Refriango’s products are award-winners in this competition, which means a recognition of the quality and prestige of Angolan brands.

Best Product of the Year - SADC

The Development Community of Southern Africa (SADC) annually awards the Best Product of the Year in Quality Prize. Among other African countries such as South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, among others, Refriango has also won this award, having the quality of its products recognized internationally once again.

Flavor of the Year

The Flavor of the Year Award is a seal that gives quality certification through a gustatory evaluation by consumers.
Blue and Nutry are brands recognized with this distinction - Nutry for the first time, and Blue for two consecutive years.


Superbrands is an independent international organization dedicated to the promotion of brands of excellence by identifying and rewarding those who maintain high quality standards and are acting above the competition.
Blue and Nutry are the brands that, so far, have won this award.