The origin of Refriango goes back for more than two decades with the creation of a marketing and distribution company for food and beverages.

Deep market knowledge and the positive economic development has turned the production of beverages into the exclusive company activity, which allowed the business to thrive. In 2002, the foundation stone is laid for the construction of a plant for soft drinks production, which would be inaugurated in 2005.

The successes accumulated over the years demonstrate Refriango’s ability to overcome barriers, realize innovative projects and assert leadership in the markets in which it operates.

Refriango is now a reference and an example of excellence at international level.


Creation of Açorango, marketing and distribution company for food and beverages.


Creation of Abastango, Angolan company for the production of alcoholic beverages (wine, sangria and white spirits).


Beginning of the project for Refriango’s factory in Viana, Luanda.


Inauguration of Refriango’s factory by the Prime Minister and the birth of the most iconic brand, Blue.


Rise of three new brands: Nutry, Pure and N'Ice Tea.


Implementation of more brands in Refriango’s portfolio: Red Cola, Speed and Tutti.


Refriango presents new products, new packaging and totally innovative ranges in Angola: Blue Pulp, Pura Sport, Red Cola sleek can.